Just another day at work…


So, I am new at this. But I am going to give it a whirl. I really need to let out some pent up steam and vent. Yes, vent. And possible get some feedback to make me laugh, suggestions on how to best handle things, and to let me know if you enjoyed!!

Okay, so lets begin this story.

My work week goes from Sunday to Saturday and I alternate weekends with a girl that up until a couple weeks ago I somewhat considered a friend.. 

So there has been plenty of times that I have asked to switch with her for numerous reasons, each being important and she has always said no. Well a couple months ago, she approached me and asked if I could work a Saturday for her because she didn’t have anyone to watch her child. With that said, I have kids and I know what it is like to not have anyone to keep them, so against my better judgement, I said yes, with the exception that she worked for me on my Sunday. 

So my schedule looked a bit like this.

Sunday- she works for me…
Monday- off
Saturday- I work for her…

Okay, everything is all hunky dory and it all worked out. I made me some plans for that Sunday and everything… Well she sends me this message on Facebook 2 days (no I am not joking) literally TWO days before the Sunday she is supposed to work for me telling me that her babysitter’s plans were canceled and she wanted to go back to the regular schedule.. She never once asked if I had already made plans, or if I could find someone to watch my child on short notice.VERY INCONSIDERATE…right??? Well any-who, I told her that it was short notice.. you know, because it was. And then she went on to say some stuff about her kid being sick and she missed work today and blah blah blah.. Well I was currently at work.. and I was kinda busy.So I read the message and then locked my phone and got caught up doing some things… 

When I finished what I was doing and checked my phone.. she had sent me 3 messages going from nice to bitch in 0.1 secs… telling me to forget she ever said anything and sorry that her kid was sick and blah blah blah… I mean I never said a word about her kid!!!

Any-who.. I semi-politely messaged back and told her she needed to chill out..I was busy and that is why I didn’t respond..That she had no right to flip out on me, and I would switch back that it was no big deal.

Even though it was. Now I had to scramble to find someone to watch my kid. I mean it is whatever. The point of all this is.. I was kinda pissed of her being so inconsiderate and all that.. But the real kicker is, when I got to work on Tuesday (still upset, but I don’t really hold grudges, so in my eyes, everything was hunky dory), she was acting like I had shoved a stick up her ass and pissed in her corn flakes.. She SERIOUSLY walked around acting like I did not exist and that I was the bitch that had done something horrible to her. I mean come on, SHE IS THE ONE THAT SCREWED ME OVER… Like seriously.. I didn’t do a damn thing to her. So it is going on 14 days now since all that has went on.. and she has yet to acknowledge me or speak or anything..

So my questions.. Help me out y’all.. 

Did you feel like I was in the wrong??
What could I have done differently??
Should I say something to her??

PS.. How did I do on my first ever blog?? I know it had some venting in it.. but everyone needs to vent.. Has this ever happened to any of y’all?? I definitely want to hear your stories!!


4 thoughts on “Just another day at work…

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  1. I have been there! I find the only way to avoid situations like that is to have said no to the swap in the first place, especially since she always said no to you anyway. But it’s one of those things were you didn’t know to say no to until it’s too late. :/
    Hindsight 20/20

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  2. This is a perfect blog post haha. I’ve never had to work with people, but I’ve had to deal with some pretty overdramatic and crappy people like that. It’s not really fair to you, but you did everything right. She can pretty much just get over it. You didn’t call her out or anything and you went about your business. I would’ve done what you did and let it be. If she wants to act like a 10 year old and throw a tantrum that’s her problem. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just keep doing what you do and worry about yourself 💙

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