Exciting Week

Wow, I feel like I haven't been on here in a while. But I have had the most incredible week so far. So, as I may have mentioned in a previous post (I really can't remember if I did or not), but for the past 3 years my life has been so hectic. I decided... Continue Reading →


Taming the tongue

The tongue is a very loose cannon. Some people have complete control over it and others do not. You can never take something back once it has been said or done. Do you think before you speak. Do you listen to hear and not listen to respond? I said something the other day and immediately... Continue Reading →

Job Interviews

So, I just recently graduated college with an Associates Degree. And I have recently passed my boards and I am now a Respiratory Therapist! So, naturally I am on the hunt for a new job in that profession. Well I have 3 interviews lined up over the span of 3 weeks at various place within... Continue Reading →

My deep thinking…

Why is the world filled with so much hate. Why is it, that constantly all over the world, people choose to be mean to each other. What ever happened to kindness? I fear for my child to grow up in this world. I want him to stay a kid forever so that he may never... Continue Reading →

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